AG Loan

AG Loan

Agricultural Loans
One of the many things we’ve learned from our agriculture members is the value of lending a helping hand when a neighbour needs it. It’s inspired us to tailor loans to farm and agribusinesses of every size and every industry. It’s just what a good neighbour does.

Our Agricultural Loans feature:

  • flexible terms to match your income stream
  • variable terms and rates*(linked to prime rate)
  • 1-5 year fixed rates
  • a wide variety of payment options
  • prepayment flexibility
  • affordable and optional insurance to protect you

Contact us for more information or to apply for an agricultural loan.

*Interest rates vary depending on security, term of the loan and frequency of payments.

Agricultural Quick Loans
If you prefer the structure of a loan but like the flexibility of a revolving line of credit, you’ll really like our Agricultural Quick Loan. It offers re-advanceable funds up to an approved limit. You use what you need and then once you’ve paid down the loan, you can have the funds re-advanced without having to apply again.

Our Agricultural Quick Loan features:

  • competitive rates
  • flexible terms and repayment options
  • prepayment flexibility
  • easy access to funds
  • affordable and optional insurance to protect you

Contact us for more information or to apply for an Agricultural Quick Loan.

*CALA replaced the Farm Improvement and Marketing Cooperatives Loans Act.