Service Fees/Charges

Service Fees/Charges
ATM Error Correction Charge      $10.00
Bank Confirmation $25.00
Canadian, US & Foreign Drafts  $10.00
Foreign Cheques Sent in on Collection $25.00
Chargebacks $5.00
Cheques drawn in US Funds $7.50
Closing Account less than 90 days  $25.00
E-Transfer Fee $1.50
History Print  (per time period requested) $2.00
Inactive/Unclaimed accounts (when closed) $20.00
Incorrect Account# for Auto Debits / Credits $5.00
Incorrect Vendor Account $25.00
Interac On-Line Payments (IOP) FREE
Interest Paid / Earned Letter $10.00
Item Sent I Received for Collection $10.00
Items that Overdraw an Account (per item) $5.00
Non-Member Cheque Cashing $15.00
Non Member Teller Bill Payments $2.50
NSF Fee $35.00
Ordering Foreign Money (per order) $20.00
Overdraft Interest 24%
Phone Verification Funds 

(in Sask) $5.00

(outside Sask) $10.00

Record / Privacy Research (minimum charge $25.00)

cost of item + $50.00/hr

Removal of Flash (Tap) off of MemberCards $25.00
Reprint Statements (per statement) $5.00
Stop Payment (Set-Up) $5.00
Stop Payments (Item Returned)  $7.50
Third Party Demand / Garnishees (Enforcements) $25.00
Transfer Balance of Account to Other FI $25.00
Transfer Registered Products to CU / Other FI $25.00
Withdrawal from Variable Registered Products $5.00
CAFT for Business:  Set-up (one time fee) $50.00
Per Month Fee $50.00-$100.00
Add/Delete Users to Existing CAFT Originator $10.00
Estate –  Administration $75.00
 SDB Content Listing $25.00
 Prepare Bond of Indemnities (per set) $30.00
 Issue Managers Trust Cheques $10.00
 Letters Written (per letter) $5.00
 Telephone/Wire Transfer Fees (To & From SK CU) $10.00
(To & From CU Outside SK) $15.00
(To & From Other FI in CAD Funds) $30.00
(To & From Other FI in US Funds)  $35.00
(To & From all Fls in Foreign Funds) $50.00
Safety/Night Deposit  Various sizes of boxes available. Please enquire at branch for prices.
Drilling safety deposit box  $200.00
Ordering new key $25.00
Night deposit service FREE
Night deposit plastic bags – At Cost
ABM Charges  (Automated Banking Machine Services)
ABM Error Correction Change $10.00
ABM Transfer FREE
ABM Inquiry FREE
Canadian Credit Union ABM Withdrawals $0.75
Cirrus I Maestro ABM Withdrawals $3.00
lnterac ABM Withdrawals $2.00
lnterac / Cirrus / Maestro transactions are excluded from all package accounts.